Anansi Storytime



Q: Is this appropriate for kids?

A: Listen to our content to determine what you think. According to the Audio Drama Directory's Rating, we are AD-PG.

Q: What is an Audio Drama?

A: An audio only play or television show. Usually focused on drama, comedy, or tradgedy. Basically an audio only story that is told to you with actors playing all of the relevant parts. Often with sound effects(we use music and sound effects).

Q: Are you a podcast?

A: We are available in the same way you'd get most podcasts. We tend not to use that terminology very often, because it tends to be associated with talk radio style shows, which confuses people. But yes, technically we are a podcast as well.

Q: Who is Anansi?

A: Anansi is the spider god of Akan origin, but a lot of cultures recognize Anansi today (many regions of Western Africa, The Carribean, and parts of the coastal North and South America). Anansi is the god of stories and storytelling. He is often seen as the messenger for the gods. His father, king of the gods Nyame. You can find more information on Anansi on his Wiki Page or by checking out our stories about him.

Q: Do you just do stories about Anansi?

A: No, we do stories about a wide variety of subjects from around the world. Anansi is your guide to these stories.

Q: Why don't you have a story about X?

A: We try to cover a wide variety of subjects. We're always willing to consider recommendations from fans. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email, and send us your thoughts and recommendations.

Q: Can I write/act with you?

A: We're not currently actively looking for new talent. We're based out of the DC Area and try to do all of our activites(writing, post production, acting) using local talent. If you're in the area and interested, feel free to send us a message. At the least we might want to say hi at a local event.