Episode 25

S2: Anansi, Coyote, and the Magic Radio (Bonus)


September 29th, 2018

20 mins 9 secs

Season 2

Your Host

About this Episode

Culture: Uncultured
An Original Story, based on classic characters (and wacky parodies)

Summary: Hi! I'm Coyote and I'm... Gonna step in for a second to talk about what happened. You see, I was trying to come talk to my friend Anansi when... well then after that you see... then... oh! A radio! When I turned it on... Oh... yeah I probably shouldn't have done that.


  • Writer - Scooter Mann, LJ Donnell, Max Baskin, Thomas Sixten
  • Director - Hank Romanesco
  • SFX, Master - David Allen
  • Rends Music - Joe Griffin


  • Matt “Olaf” Hinton - Commericals Voices, Narrator
  • Andrew Whitby - Coyote, Commericals Voices
  • Kjatar Tavishen - Anansi, Commericals Voices
  • LJ Donnell - Commericals Voices, Sin-derella
  • Max Baskin - Commericals Voices, Lost Boy
  • Lynne Parsons - Commericals Voices
  • Erik Van Der Geotz - Commericals Voices
  • JC Lira - Merry Man
  • Scooter - Commericals Voices
  • Shannon Woods - Siren
  • Thomas Sixten - Commericals Voices
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